Syntria Likes Cheese

The dashingly handsome man singing about Syntria's unsatable hunger for dairy-based goodness is the wonderful Nate Schmold, creator of the game Cosmochoria (also featured in the video, in case you were otherwise distracted by his rugged good looks and exceptional beatboxing/singing).

Cosmochoria is one of many, many games featured on the last QubeTubers IndieWeekend. "What's an IndieWeekend!?" I hear you cry - well, IndieWeekend is a streaming event hosted through Twitch that features some of your favourite indie titles, as well as a whole bunch you might like but have never heard of.

We stream and talk about the games. Chat with some of the developers, and generally have a rollicking good time. You like rollicking good times don't you? Of course you do!

Visit to find out when the next one is, and you too could be liking cheese before you know it!